Social Media throughout all platforms isn’t easy, but it isn’t impossible either, introducing the social media calendar. Social media calendars visually focus on the post and the content in itself but also relieves some of the stress of keeping content posting on track. Here are some tips and even helpful places to go if you are having trouble creating your own calendar.

When, Where, What? Figuring out when and how often you want to post is key before laying down content. Set a specific day and time for posting to give you and your audience an expected time to view and be informed with your post. It’s completely okay if it takes some trial and error to find the perfect flow for you.

Get in the Season: Whether you are posting for yourself or even for another company, you will definitely want coverage of something during special holiday seasons or other events like National Doughnut or Popcorn day. Labeling all the well-known holidays will be a great start and relieve some of the stress from the content process.

If you are having trouble: You can easily create a yearly calendar in Excel for PCs or Numbers for Macs. All of them should come with an already made calendar template that you can adjust. Google also has this app through Drive that is like Excel called, ‘Google Sheet’ if you don’t have access to Excel or Numbers.

There are plenty of printable templates out there.

Always stay ahead: It is best to be on top of things and when I say, “on top” I mean about a month or two ahead of most of your posts. Tackle the big topic first and leave the easy stuff for you to work on during the downtime. 


For more specific advice try checking out Buffer Social’s blog “The Ultimate Guide To Creating The Perfect Social Media Calendar.  Writer, Sandrine Shakians, goes in detail on set up, templates, tools, and other helpful information on content calendars.