We all do it, whether it’s a selfie in our car, a picture of our pet, or #Unnecessary hashtags, we all tend to break the rules of Instagram from time to time. Below are the top 5 unofficial rules of Instagram that we should all (try to) follow.


-Don’t be a copycat. This one is pretty self explanatory, one of the big no-no’s of Instagram is to steal someone else’s content. The whole point of Instagram is to be unique and original, but that’s not gonna happen if you’re swiping others’ photos.


-Never overload. NEVER post more than three Instagram posts a day (and even that’s pushing it). No one wants to see that much of someone’s life when they’re scrolling through their newsfeed; post fewer selfies to keep them coming back for more. Posting more than three times a day is a sure way to get people to unfollow you, so be cautious!


-The SelfieStick. Using a selfie stick can be acceptable only in extreme situations. For example: if you’re skydiving, jumping off a cliff, swimming with sharks, or just doing something that is totally awesome, then it is probably okay to use a selfie stick. It’s not okay to use when you’re taking a selfie in your bathroom and can see the stick in the mirror… I think you get the point.


-#TooManyHashtags. You never want to have a four page book of hashtags following your picture. When promoting a business or a product, it’s okay to have numerous hashtags, because you’re trying to attract a specific audience. If you’re just posting a selfie or a picture of your cat, the general rule is three to four hashtags.


-Filters are life. Filters can be a bit tricky when using Instagram. We want to look fresh, clean and straight out of a magazine, although in reality we’re just sitting on the floor in our PJ’s eating Cheetos. Filters can be your friend and also your worst enemy. Keep your photos “clean and fresh” and use a few light filters to help keep your photos interesting, while at the same time not too overpowering.