Social Media has been around for over a decade; from MySpace to Facebook, and Twitter to Instagram, we all dreamed that once we created an account for those platforms we become social media famous asap. When on social media, think of your posts as a gift/service to someone’s newsfeed; whether it is providing entertainment, business, or even promoting/selling products. Here are some do’s and don’ts of social media to help build your social community. 


Focus on the people: Interacting with your followers and responding to all comments, suggestions, and reviews(good or bad) will help build an audience base. To get your followers actively chatting in the comments, add a question in the captions of your posts which allows your followers get involved and be heard.

Build Your Brand: Take time to plan out a message, who are you relating to? Keeping the same voice/wordage to each post will create a reputation that is all you.

Schedule Posts: Scheduling your posts is the best thing to help ease the workload. Having a specific day of posting gives you and your audience a routine to follow for all content.

Work & Play: Providing an even mix of both work and play reassures your audience that you are human and not a robot hiding behind the keyboard. Behind the scenes posts are great and give your followers an incite to your overall work.


Plagiarize: Stealing someone else’s content should be self-explanatory unless you credit the original owner. All-in-all, no one likes a copycat and being original stands out more to your followers because there’s no one like you.

Spam/overpost: It’s okay to post no more than 3 times a day anything more leads to spamming. Spamming your audience is almost too personal and obnoxious.

Cross the line: Try to be as neutral as possible during any political or social events. Voicing out your opinions on certain issues in the media may be agreeable with some, but may not align well with other followers’ views.

Be Desperate: Needing positive reinforcement is okay, but a constant beg for likes and views tends to be a little too overwhelming.