The Holiday season is the best time to start working on your social media presence with everyone celebrating the holiday cheer; what better way to ring in the New Year with a new following! Below are 5 tips that will surely bring in a new following.

Be active, engaging, and consistent:

Believe it or not, your followers subconsciously expect to see your posts. Posting consistently allows you to have a routine with a set schedule for everyone to see. Engaging with your followers is what social media is all about, being social!


Post Frequently, but appropriately:

Keeping followers interested and intrigued is actually not that hard. Posting negatively can instantly drop your following count. Changing the tone of posts into a more positive output is a sure thing to up your likes and even followers.

Use hashtags:

Using hashtags increases your chances of gaining new followers, but overly using them can be a little silly or annoying. For specific hashtag help go to our previous blog “Hashtags & Your Audience”. 

Know the right time to post:

Did you know, people are usually browsing on social media in the early afternoon between 11:30ish – 4 pm! This is the active time where many are on lunch breaks or relaxing from a long day of work.

Freebies, offers, and coupons:

Everyone loves a deal and acquiring a deal is not hard to do. Many popular retail businesses such as monthly subscriptions, clothing & makeup stores, and even bakeries are giving away freebies on their social media accounts. Having a contest or competition will definitely draw in more followers.