A “hashtag” is a label used on certain word or phrases on many social media that categorize posts to relevant topics.  Pretty much when you caption a photo / post with “#nofilter” that hashtag phrase virtually throw that post into a category with other posts from that same hashtag.

What’s the point?

Hashtags are important for all businesses big or small, struggling to find or expand their market audience. 

Locally-based hashtags help increase local presence and attract more in house and in your face visitors. 

Now industry and business hashtags can help boost credibility and add that personal stamp of endearment to your brand, which is a win win, on customer loyalty.

How do I get one?

Creating a hashtag is super easy just throw a “#” (hashtag symbol) in front of any phrase will get you a no dollar down social media enhancing hashtag.

but not too fast using them in the wrong way can lead to EXTREME BANISHMENT OF ALL CUSTOMERS!

Not really but it does confuse the audience and a less active business.

Anyone can throw a hashtag up in hopes of achieving an abundance of more likes and followers, let’s face it, people go for “appearance” of any popular posts. 

Ask yourself, “What specifically sets me apart from my competitors?” and also, “what is my audience is looking for on social media?” 

Be the SOCIAL MEDIA STALKER and have just a little peak at the competition.


Don’t use irrelevant hashtags. Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags per post. Adding popular / irrelevant hashtags into your post will confuse your message and likely seen as a spammer.

Do use specific hashtags. More specific hashtags = more targeted audience ; more targeted audience = higher quality engagement.

Don’t forget about popular hashtags.  Even though stated before adding popular hashtag can blur the message to audience, but as long as the hashtag relevant.  Use with caution without making efforts seem desperate.

Do double check hashtags. Make sure, to browse through hashtags to ensure there aren’t any double meaning, for example when using it for a company called  ‘Big Bus Tycoon’ in reality it will come out looking like ‘Big Busty Coon’ in the way of spelling to the audience.

Do ‘K.I.S.S’ Keep it simple stupid. No not you stupid but the hashtags need to be short, simple, and easy to spell, so your audience can easily remember it. Having something like #AtlantaGeorgiaPurbredCatEnthusiasts could be better shorten to #ATLCatLovers