Social Media Managment

Let us customize a campaign to fit your business needs and reach your unique customer base. We will create, update and maintain your pages on your social media outlets. We will handle the contests, promotions, and research creative ideas for postings. We will ensure that your business will be competitive, compelling and help you reach new potential customers.

Custom Website

We will work closely with you to identify the individual and unique needs of your business and create a wonderful experience for you and your customers. Outshine your competitors with our creative team and develop a dynamic website that’s certain to create sense of connection with your prospective customers. Let's make that first impression count!

Local Business Listing

We will claim, confirm and correct your local business listings. Most online activity is related to local content and most of that activity results in a follow up visit or call and an eventual purchase. The surprising factor about this is that over 50% of small businesses have inaccurate listings, and over 70% say they don’t have time to manage all these listings.

Reputation Management

It has been said “if a customer had a good experience with you, they tell no one, if that same customer has a bad experience, they tell everyone.” We will run reports and monitor reviews on a consistent basis to see who is saying what and when it was said and respond appropriately. My Social State will encourage good reviews that can spread just as quick!