Your business has clients and it’s important to retain those clients and have a business relationship for as long as you can. These 5 tips can help you build that all-important client trust and keep happy, healthy business relationships all year long.

  1. Don’t sell your client on something they don’t need. In today’s economy, business owners don’t want to spend a ton of money on something they are confident in. Sell only what is necessary and useful to build your client’s business. Don’t think of them as a means to meet your sales quota.
  2. Don’t promise things you can’t deliver. Be honest with your client. If there is a task they want to be done, that you aren’t capable of doing, refer them out and help them understand your reasoning. You may both learn something in the process.
  3. Keep your pricing consistent! If your pricing structure is going to change, let your current clients know in advance. If your client learns of unfair pricing or a discrepancy in your business, it may completely spoil the relationship.
  4. Tell them the good AND bad news. Everyone wants to hear good news, however, it is essential that bad news is delivered too. Without your client knowing the bad stuff, they may not trust your judgment. They may fear you do not want to help work out the kinks and your best interest isn’t in their company.
  5. Lastly, make promises and keep them! Pinky promises are a real thing, and they can be a complete deal breaker if broken. Always remember to under-promise and over-deliver!

Keep in mind that building good business relationships can help your business grow as well. Reputation is huge in the business world, so make yours great by starting with your existing clients. Who knows, they may refer you to someone they know and trust too!